Angio Mentor. The most advanced endovascular training

ANGIO Mentor simulators provide excellent hands-on practice to develop surgical skills and ultimately allow clinicians to deliver superior medical care to their patients.

We have equipped 17 monoprofile medical simulation centres in Poland

As many as 17 monoprofile medical simulation centres, located all across Poland, have been equipped by us with advanced simulators and training devices and aids to educate future nurses and midwives.

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Our team

We are experts with long experience in education, distribution, and maintenance related to medical simulation products.

Stress- and risk-free training

Education based on training with the use of simulators, dummies, and training devices can successfully compete with clinical education in terms of teaching and learning medical skills. And this is without putting patients at risk or medical professionals under stress. We provide training to medical doctors, paramedics, nurses, and medical simulation instructors using high, moderate, and low accuracy simulators by Gaumard, professional high-accuracy simulators by Simbionix, various training aids and devices, and Virtual Reality technology developed by Oxford Medical Simulation. We have been accredited by the Polish Society of Medical Simulation (PTSM) to provide training in medical simulation, and have cooperated with Alpha Medical Concepts, an Austrian training centre.

You can always count on us

We support our Customers whenever they need us. We not only supply state-of-the-art simulators and training devices, but also provide maintenance and repair services. Our specialists are well-qualified professionals you can always rely on. And they have been authorised to repair all the medical simulation equipment we sell or distribute.